Your Goal is to Build Your Tribe

Your goal is to build your tribe (to the size you want it) by transforming your practice’s Facebook page into your practice’s direct-to-consumer communication hub.

If you want to invest money and advertise invitations to join your tribe above and beyond growing it organically in your physical practice (say, as part of your presentations and events), that’s awesome!

For best results, train with your team. Create a vision together. Decide how much of an impact you collectively want your practice to make. Agree on goals for how many people you want in your tribe.

Decide who’s going to take which action steps to generate results. Agree on a plan and build it. Stay persistent. Stay consistent. When necessary, ask questions.

Create incentives. Decide who’s responsible and who’s accountable for each step. If you want your team to make this important, train together. Install the system in your practice together, then measure and reward them for growing your tribe.

For best results, actively measure your actions and results.

I know everybody wants to make more money, but that’s a byproduct of serving more people, living more aligned, and building your systems. You want to get on with doing your real work, which is loving what you do and serving more people in your community.

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