What Should You Teach

Speak to your tribe about the things they are most interested in learning from you. Not sure what that is? Ask them.

Build momentum by consistently inviting people to take the next step, whether that is starting care or simply learning more with you.

Consistently invite people to take the next step with you by inviting them to participate, whether it’s to wake up to a daily dose of inspiration, join an online event, attend a live event, have a phone consultation, or schedule an appointment in your practice.

For those not ready to start care today, always give them an opportunity to keep learning more from you by watching, listening, or reading your messages.

What should you teach?

Choose the intersection of:

  • What do I like to teach the most?
  • Who do I like to teach the most?
  • What’s the most valuable idea I can teach them?

If I asked you what would you rather have, “more” new patients or “better” qualified new patients, which would you choose? More or better?

If you choose better, than you want to share The Gift of You with as many people as you can.

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