Three Types of Gifts You Can Give

“Great content doesn’t feel like marketing, it feels like a gift.” ~Bernadette Jiwa

You might have heard it said that we make buying decisions with our emotions and we justify them with our logic. If that’s true, let’s focus on connection and Inspiration Based Branding ™ first, then education second.

Start by generating meaningful micro-moments for your tribe. Think of these as digital gifts or inspirational presents. Think of yourself as Santa Claus. Every single day is Christmas. Your job is to wake up as many people in your community as you can, with your inspirational digital gift of the morning.

Do you feel the difference between giving gifts every day versus wondering “Will this post work? Will that special offer work? Hmmm, maybe I should ask around. Get some feedback from others. Split decision. Maybe I should test it. I want to make sure it’s right. If I’m going to do this, it’s got to be right. This has got to work…”

It’s no wonder you’re too busy. No wonder you don’t want to do it.

There’s a world of difference, and it’s all based on your mindset and intention.

Stop stressing. Be generous. Share your gifts with others.

Here are three types of gifts you can give:

The Gift of Inspiration: Inspire as many people as you possibly can, every day.

The Gift of You: This is where you share your unique voice, your professional truths, and your uncommon solutions to their common problems.

The Gift of Endorsement: One of the most effective ways to receive steady streams of highly qualified referrals.

Attract believers by sharing what you believe, so people can discover WHY they should choose YOU to be their trusted health professional.

How will you ever attract new, high-quality clients who appreciate your reasons for why you do what you do, if you don’t share it in a way that is easy for them to understand?

Remember, the truth shall set you free—so what if people in your practice, tribe, and community knew your truths?

What if they understood the lens you through which you see the world? What if they about your training, passion, dedication, and desire to serve and make a positive difference in their lives?

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