This is Marketing

Seth Godin shares a story in his book, “This is Marketing,” where if you drop a few drops of purple dye in a jug of water, you’ll start to see the water change color. Keep dropping drops, the more you’ll see change. The more drops, the more change. However…

If you drop those drops into the ocean, you’ll use the same effort without ever being able to visibly see the change you made.

In my dreams, I see a world much healthier, happier, and kinder than the one we’re living in now. I’m hoping thousands of inspired health professionals start dropping drops of inspiration in thousands of communities around the world, creating a collective purple ocean swell of progress, waking up millions of people with a daily dose of positive inspiration in their newsfeeds, thanks to you.

Like purple drops in the jug, I’m inviting you to start sharing daily drops of truth about how powerful people are to heal themselves and live our innate potential, to do our best work and make our greatest contributions. If we keep posting hope, inspiration, truth, and direction, we will see change.

Our health care system in America is ripe for change. Everyone knows there’s a problem, but no one’s stepping up with any credible, viable, long-term solutions. That’s because today’s leaders are trying to solve the wrong problem.

Better health is not solved by giving more access, more coverage, more drugs, and more surgery to more people. That will always lead to more use of more drugs and more surgery, which will always cost more.

As I wrote in Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich, the ultimate solution to America’s health care crisis is “for more people to be less sick.”

The solution to the number one cause of personal bankruptcy and helping our nation avoid physical, emotional, and financial bankruptcy is for people to live healthier lifestyles.

That’s the ultimate opportunity for inspired health professionals: to teach something that reduces the demand for expensive, dangerous, symptom-treating, reactionary medical service.

We can reduce the need for expensive, dangerous, addictive drugs and risky medical care by teaching people that health is a byproduct of focusing on “living our innate potential” and choosing “clean living and organic care first.”

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