The UP Protocol

“Traditional marketing may be termed as “push and pray” marketing, which is the traditional method of pushing a message at a prospect and praying it makes an impact. On the other hand, unmarketing may be termed as “pull and stay” marketing, which draws potential customers toward your business and gives them reason to stay there.” ~ Scott Stratten

There’s been a lot of confusion over the years about using search engine optimization (SEO) and social media as a marketing tool. It’s especially true in an area with which I am very familiar, the chiropractic profession. I sometimes wonder, “Did Google ruin chiropractic?”

There’s a lot of conversation about how to attract new patients through SEO and Facebook ads with special offers, but I’m going to approach this from an unconventional, uncommon, unique perspective.

Unmarket Your Practice is a brand-new type of training. I like to think of it as a tribe leadership training program for inspired health professionals and their teams who want to build relationships and make a positive impact in their community through social media.

Unmarket Your Practice is a protocol for professionals to learn how to build a tribe of people who believe what you believe and become your practice’s #1 source of referrals, increased conversion, retention, product sales and more.

Step 1: Put Your Best Face Forward
Step 2: Create Your Content Posting Strategy
Step 3: Amplify Your Tribe

You can follow these steps and decide how best to implement each of them based on your practice style, your personality, your budget, your team, and the time investment you’re willing to make.

The three steps of Unmarket Your Practice work as an integrated system, and there are different ways that you can implement each step of the protocol.

We build tribes because community is the new marketing. I’m going to share with you three steps to do it tactically, and I’ll show you step-by-step guide for making the right decisions along the way.

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