The Secret to Building Your Tribe

So, what’s the secret to building your tribe?

Here it is, and please don’t share this secret with others who have not bought this book. It’s just for you….

I call it: The GAS Method.

Here’s how it works: Ask yourself, “What would I do, if I really Give A Shit?”

Simon Sinek says that “money is fuel” that gives you the resources to drive your purpose.

I say, “If you want to build your tribe, you need G.A.S.” You need to really Give A Shit.

If you had as much money as you needed to cover all your monthly expenses to live the lifestyle you believe you deserve, would you think “What can I do to give back to my community?”

If so, that means you really Give A Shit. That’s a good thing. It matters.

Think about it, if you didn’t need the money…

What would you do if you really Give A Shit about people and really Give A Shit about what’s going on in your community?

How could you use what you know to make a more significant positive difference in more people’s lives?

What effort would you put into sharing your essential, life-saving, life-enhancing ideas with people, whose lives would be better because of what they learn from you?

What if you didn’t need the money to do those things, starting right now?

What if it is that simple?

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