The Gift of You

“Authority is a privilege we earn to share our values with people who believe in what we believe in.” ~Bernadette Jiwa

Sharing your daily dose of inspiration earns you the right to share The Gift of You: your voice, your perspective, your specialty.

Sharing The Gift of You creates more opportunities for you to invite more new people to wake UP inspired with you and your HealthTribe each morning. It’s a great way to differentiate yourself from other health professionals in your community.

Stop thinking of and selling yourself as a commodity and start sharing your authentic intention and genuine value. When you share your uncommon solutions to common health problems and human performance goals, these are your gift to your community. It’s the Gift of You.

Share consistently, and people will realize you’re somebody who cares. They will see you generously investing your time to share your expertise with people, and they will start to trust that you know how to help them, whether they become a patient/client today or not.

How do you share The Gift of You?

Internal: Counter handouts, wall signs, bulletin/whiteboards/ video displays, posters, business/postcards, live events, and workshops.

External:Local media, presentations for local businesses, local health professionals, associations, organizations and employers seeking to inspire their members/employees toward better health and organic living.

Digital: Recorded/live video posts, blog posts, email, podcasts/webinars teaching your uncommon solutions to people’s common problems.

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