The Gift of Inspiration

“Authority is about earning the right to add value and provide opportunities to a particular community.” ~Chris Brogan

When people in your tribe and your community wake up every morning, I want your practice’s name and inspirational message to be the first thing they see when they check in on Facebook.

That’s one of the foundational ways Inspiration Based Branding ™ works. People who are inspired by you daily are very likely to like you, talk about you, and some will end up coming to your practice when the time is right.

Start everyone’s day off with a win. An unconscious, “Thanks doc, thanks team, that’s awesome. I AM going to live my innate potential today.”

Think of it as a morning ritual—a daily digital huddle and high-five with everyone in your inspired HealthTribe.

You earn the right to share what you want with people by first giving them what they want from you. It is crucial that you understand this mindset for success.

You earn the right to share your message with your tribe by first giving them the messages they “want” to receive from you.

The Gift of Inspiration is your unique way of inviting people to become part of your tribe.

It’s your invitation, your way of saying, “Do you like to wake up inspired? I do too. Hey, come, join us. In time, you’ll get to know more about us, and hopefully talk about us, share us, continue learning from us.”

When they’ve learned why they should, they’ll become a patient/client of yours, too.

The strategy behind inviting people to wake up inspired is to start a connection and build a relationship.

Providing something that might be of value to them earns you the right to share more with them over time. That’s the spirit behind this step. It’s an easy way to invite people to become part of your practice’s HealthTribe.

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