The Gift of Endorsement

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” ~Zig Ziglar

How would you like to receive a steady stream of referrals from other health professionals in your community, consistently sharing you, with their clients?

How do you make it happen? By giving The Gift of Endorsement.

It’s simply a way of giving your endorsement to others you authentically recommend.

Why? Because most professionals, most places, most causes are likely to share your endorsement with their audience, with their clients, with their community. It’s just the way it tends to work if you follow our protocol and do it authentically.

The Gift of Endorsement is a remarkably effective approach to generate a steady stream of referrals.

Here’s how:

Create a library of your “Favorite Things” that people ask you about regularly or that you believe more people should know about because it will make a positive impact in their lives.

Once a month, or once a quarter, choose the top four people, the top four places, and the top four products you recommend most.

  • Who should I see for _____?
  • What should I take for _____?
  • Where should I go for _____?
  • Who’s your favorite massage therapist?
  • Who’s your favorite personal trainer?
  • What’s your favorite stretch/exercise should do I do for this tension?
  • What’s your favorite pillow I should use?
  • What’s your favorite Pilates studio or CrossFit studio?

If you’re the doctor, you may not know how your team is answering these questions. You should.

So, what if you made a list of your favorite people, places, and products, and then created videos about them? You create a library of those videos at your practice’s Facebook page for your practice’s HealthTribe, and you title them “Our Favorite Things.”

When people click the button to see notifications first on your Facebook page, they not only receive your Gift of Inspiration and Gift of You, they also gain access to learning all about your “Favorite Things.”

The key to success is to make these videos consistently.

You can easily strip the audio from your video and turn it into a podcast or transcribe the audio and publish it as an article on your blog.

A video is the easiest to start with. You can do it quickly and don’t have to bother with layout, graphic design, copy editing, and watching for typos.

You want to create what I call “a sandwich-style video.”

Every video is opened up with the first slice of “bread.” It sounds something like, “Hey, I’m Dr. Jason. Welcome to AmpLIFEied Living, your place to discover how to live your innate potential. People ask me questions every day, all day, about my favorite things.

Then you insert the “meat.” One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is “what is my favorite pillow to sleep on?” Then share your truth, “That’s a great question. Here’s my favorite pillow and here is why.”

Close with your second slice of “bread.” Featuring gratitude and a call to action (i.e., to watch your other Favorite Things videos to learn more about your favorite things!)

Same idea for your favorite people and places. Another question I often receive is “Where is my favorite yoga studio in town?” You reply in another video: “My favorite yoga studio is ______ studio because…”

When you build a collection of these endorsement videos, it adds genuine value to your tribe. It gives people a more significant reason to subscribe to your tribe, engage with your page, and share you with their friends.

For best results, do the video on-location and share them with the people and places you recommend. They are easy to do, and they are impactful because you are being of service to your tribe and being generous with your endorsement.

What do you think the health professional, studio, or place you endorse will do with your Gift of Endorsement that you share with them? What would you do if someone created a video endorsement of you and how much they benefit from your services?

“Hey, everyone, guess what the best fill in your profession here in town thinks about us!” They’re often happy and proud to share you and your endorsement with their audience.

Create your local dream team and cross-endorse each other generously. When your endorsement gets shared, that’s good for you. That’s what you want to happen.

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