If You’re an Inspired Health Professional, Now’s Your Time

Our current healthcare system is a medical monopoly built during the times of the high costs and constraints of traditional mainstream media.

Research reports that the US alone consumes more than 50% of all the pharmaceutical drugs in the world yet makes up 5% of the world’s population, and we are far from being the healthiest population on the planet.

In spite of the trillions of dollars raised for more research, better medicine, and faster innovation, we’re not even close to the healthiest nation in the world. What kind of return on investment is that? How are we letting this happen?

It’s because political medicine and pharma has a voice and uses it to speak up. They put massive investment and effort into controlling the “mainstream media” messaging about what health is and how to buy it back once you’ve lost it.

They taught us that all you have to do for a better life is “ask your doctor” for the latest blockbuster drug—just make sure you have good insurance to pay for it.

Modern medicine has been extremely effective at using the media to teach their message. Breaking news reports, so-called scientific journals, and commercial after commercial “programming” us and normalizing the idea that living sick is normal and living on the latest and greatest scientifically-proven medication (often for the rest of your life) is a great solution.

I’ve had enough of the prejudice, non-science, pseudoscience, fake news, and in some cases blatant fraud. I believe our world deserves to hear the truth, your truth.

We need the true breaking news and cutting-edge research that proves we are far more powerful and capable of staying healthy and healing ourselves than we’ve been told. We need to learn that there’s so much more we can do for ourselves, and our families, to reduce our risk of disease and express our innate potential for better health and human performance, organically.

I believe that it’s time for inspired health professionals of all disciplines to empower more people to live their potential.

I believe that it’s time for inspired health professionals to embrace our potential to impact and influence people to be self-responsible for their health and health care costs.

If you share these beliefs, then now is your time.

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