Amplify Your Tribe

“Authority means to demonstrate expertise instead of merely claiming it.” ~Brian Clark

You may have heard the saying “your net worth is equivalent to your network.” That’s why you want to invest in amplifying your tribe daily. Building your tribe today is the foundation of your financial security tomorrow.

Your impact, influence, and income are directly connected to the number of people you can reach, teach and serve. Can you click, reach and teach ten people, a thousand, a million or more?

Think of the UP | Protocol as a three-step process: Connect-Engage-Promote

You are connected by “opt-inizing” your practice’s Facebook Page.

You are consistently engaging by sharing your gifts of inspiration, your uncommon solutions, and your favorite things.

Now, it’s time to promote.

How do you do that?

Everywhere you have an opportunity to invite people to take the next step in getting to know, like, and trust you, so take that opportunity and invite them to “wake UP inspired” by subscribing to your tribe.

You can start by hanging posters, counter displays, and putting up video screens around your practice. Hand out business cards and postcards inviting people to wake up inspired and be a part of your tribe.

Remember, design matters. We’re visual creatures. We think in pictures.

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